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- Power (transformer) substations
- Low-voltage distributions
- Power factor correction (Compensation of reactive energy)
- Power lines




- Power supply and regulation
- Control and monitoring



Power (transformer) substations

Power substations are designed for electric power supply of industrial facilities, offices and other plants and imply a complete structure consisting of: (1) a medium-voltage supply line; (2) a medium-voltage supply, measuring and distribution block; (3) power transformers; (4) low-voltage supply lines and a distribution block; (5) protections; (6) ancillary devices and (7) auxiliary distribution systems.

The equipment used is a product of the world's leading manufacturers.

D.V.V. offers:

- consulting services when selecting technical solutions and designing medium-voltage lines for electricity supply of industrial facilities and their sections;

- consulting services when selecting technical solutions and designing a complete or partial distribution of electric energy in industrial facilities and companies;

- co-operation in designing the construction part of power substations and preparation of necessary documents and permits;

- designing of the electric part of power substations, selection of medium-voltage supply and distribution equipment, power transformers and low-voltage distribution switchboards;

- execution of works for connection of plants to the medium-voltage grid; i.e. laying of overhead or underground connection lines

- manufacture, installation, start-up and maintenance of:

  • - medium-voltage supply and distribution;
  • - power transformers;
  • - low-voltage supply and distribution;
  • - measuring and protection systems;
  • - low-voltage units (drive motor - generator), and integration of plants into the supply system;
  • - microprocessor systems for control and monitoring of power substations in terms of monitoring the electricity consumption in total and by individual loads, recording of important events and states, etc.;
  • - automatic power factor correction systems (PFC capacitor and power line filter systems)

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Low-voltage distributions

Low-voltage distribution systems are intended for low-voltage distribution from a power substation to each load in an industrial facility. Distribution systems include supply lines, circuit breakers with necessary protections, power factor correction devices, distribution bus bars and connections, distribution lines, measuring and signalling equipment, and monitoring and control units and devices.

The equipment selection depends on the consumer's needs - for example, for foodstuffs and chemical industry, dirty production rooms, systems operating under higher temperatures and humidity and in an aggressive environment, outdoor systems, etc.

D.V.V. can offer:

Design, manufacture, installation, renewable source, solar, sun, biomass, biogas, testing, start-up and maintenance of all kinds of distribution and subdistribution products such as:

- automatic power factor correction systems (machines, motor drives, etc.);

- distribution switchboards for the supply of individual major loads or groups of minor loads;

- subdistribution switchboards and distribution boxes for the supply of minor loads;

- switchboards and switch cabinets for the supply of individual machines, production lines, motor drives, etc.;

- switchboards with diverse devices, e.g. measuring elements and instruments, current meters, protection, signalling and alarm devices, control and monitoring devices for individual systems or facilities, etc.;

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Power factor correction
("Compensation of reactive energy")

In production facilities and other similar facilities where the consumers have conspicuous inductive component respectively inductive cosφ, i.e. facilites with a large number of electromotor drives, transformers, flourescent lighting and similar consumers, not only is the active energy taken from the grid, but a certain amount of reactive energy is taken from the grid as well. This reactive energy is adding to the loads on the grid and the distribution plant, creating energy losses and increased cost to the customer.
In order to neutralize the effect of the reactive energy, systems of power factor correction are being installed in the facility as close as possible to the consumer. These systems usually consist of capacitors or capacitors and chokes (inductors) that can be constantly connected or are being connected dependent on the value of the reactive energy. To connect certain steps of power factor correction, regulators are used to automatically maintain desired cosφ.

D.V.V. can offer:

- consulting services when selecting technical solutions and designing systems of power factor correction

- designing systems of power factor correction

- manufacture, installation, connecting and start-up of systems of power factor correction with capacitors or capacitors and chokes (inductors) with automatic regulators which maintain desired cosφ independently of the load

- reconstruction, maintenance and servicing of existing systems of power factor correction

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Power lines

Power lines are used to connect power substations to each other, to connect substations with distribution systems, and distribution sytems to sub-distribution systems or consumers.  These connections can take the form of transmission lines or cable lines laid into the ground, into bearing structures, into cable trays (consoles) attached to a wall, etc.

D.V.V. can offer:

- consulting services for the selection of a technical solution and design of the power lines

- designing of power lines

- installation, connection and start-up of power lines

- reconstruction, maintenance and servicing of existing power lines

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