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- Power (transformer) substations
- Low-voltage distributions
- Power factor correction (Compensation of reactive energy)
- Power lines




- Power supply and regulation
- Control and monitoring



Power supply and regulation

Electromotor drives imply a complete technical solution for a machine drive and include an electric motor, a starter, a control unit, a circuit breaker with necessary protections, an overload protection, a motor thermal protection, auxiliary units and signalling devices.

All state-of-the-art technical solutions are applied and the equipment used is a product of world's leading manufacturers.

D.V.V. offers:

- consulting services for the selection of a technical solution and design of the electromotor drive and the necessary supply;

- laying of cables necessary for the supply and control of the drive;

- Design, manufacture, installation, renewable source, solar, sun, biomass, biogas, testing, start-up and maintenance of electromotor drives by means of:

- star-delta starting

- soft starter

- frequency converter

- motor starter for direct engine starting

- inclusion of electromotor drives in control and monitoring systems (PLC-based)


Control and monitoring

Control and monitoring of complex systems:

- in generation, distribution and supply of power (electricity, refrigerating plants, thermal energy, water pumping stations, etc.);

- production lines in industry (foodstuffs, chemical, processing and other industries);

- other systems;

The control system is based on programmable logic controllers (PLC) and computers, which collect process data by means of adequate measuring devices and sensors (current, pressure, temperature and flow meters, limit switches, inductive and capacitive transmitters, etc.) and use them to control executive process elements, e.g. electromotor drives, pumps, fans, agitators, conveyors, valves, etc., according to the application software.

The operator can communicate with the system by using touch-screen panels and keyboards. All system states may be seen on monitors and panel screens.

All important events are recorded and stored in computers and specific variables are shown in form of diagrams in corresponding time intervals.

The control system upgrading that follows process alterations is quick and simple.

In doing this the state-of-the-art technical solutions are applied and the devices used are a product of world's leading manufacturers.

D.V.V. can offer:

- consulting services for the selection of technical solutions and the design of the system to be controlled;

- hardware and software design and development, installation, testing, start-up of the equipment and maintenance of the control and monitoring system;

- linking and connecting of all external measuring devices, sensors and executive elements;

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