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- Power (transformer) substations
- Low-voltage distributions
- Power factor correction (Compensation of reactive energy)
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- Power supply and regulation
- Control and monitoring



The market potential for projects of energy efficiency in Croatia is estimated at more than 2,4 billion kunas and is constantly growing. Some of the reasons for that rapid growth are the rise of oil, gas, electric energy, water and other energy sources prices, which have increased «green» consciousness and caused Republic of Croatia to follow this world-wide trend by implementing regulations for energy efficiency in Croatia. Projects of energy efficiency in Croatia, as well as those around the world, in addition to a substantial energy cost saving are greatly contributing to the preservation of natural resourses and sustainable development.

Central monitoring system of electric energy consumption (in Croatian: “Centralni sustav nadzora potrošnje električne energije” - CSNPEE) has been developed as the basis for projects of energy efficiency. D.V.V.’s team of experts has designed and developed CSNPEE to unite functions of monitoring and control with the goal of optimization, i.e. reducing the cost of electric energy for the client. A Monitoring system oriented towards those fuctions enables detailed analysis of daily, monthly and yearly load profiles. As part of that analysis, D.V.V. is able to identify areas of potential cost savings on mere operating costs and also on the costs of future investments. The information acquired by analysing data obtained from the System can be applied when designing new objects, and by doing so greatly reduce the investment costs. Also the System, using its functions, enables the possibility of contolling certain (or all) parts of the facility in order to cut costs for electric energy in those facilities.

Company D.V.V. as a Siemens Solution Partner bases the development of CSNPEE system on Siemens equipment. In every dislocated facility (object) there is a Station of remote monitoring and control (in Croatian: “Stanica daljinskog nadzora i upravljanja”) which, by the use of PLC, acquires data about the energy status of the facility (object) through measuring terminals and electric energy meters. Using the existing infrastructure, data from all the facilities are being transferred to the monitor centre. Company D.V.V. has also developed a pilot project of CSNPEE system based on the GPRS communication, for instances when there is no existing infrastructure that would insure ethernet communication between Stations (dislocated facilites). Acquired data is being displayed and archived on the central control computer using WinCC 7 SCADA system. Interface gives operator the insight to all the relevant energy parameters of the facility; that way proper operation of the facility can be checked respectively irregularities in working protocols and malfunctions can be detected. Except on the central control computer CSNPEE may be displayed on more local control computers; by doing that the process of analysing the load profiles can be distributed to the number of additional places and thus include larger number of experts in the process of analysing and exploiting data obtained from the System. Therefore, a higher efficiency of the mere project of energy efficiency is achieved. Effectiveness of this approach has been evidented in numerous companies. By cooperation of company’s process engineers, monitoring system users and D.V.V.’s experts the controlling process of electric consumers has been significantly enhanced and therefore a significant reduction of electric energy expenses has been achieved, without the influence on the technology of the facility.

It is important to point out that CSNPEE system possesses large possibilities of “expanding” it’s use - to monitoring additional parameters in the facilities (gas, water, alarms, etc.), but also to acting on the facility (turning the lighting on/off, activating certain systems, etc.). In that scenario it can take over the functionality of the “classical” Central monitoring and control system (in Croatian: Centralni nadzorni i upravljački sustav - CNUS). Hereby, in general, we are getting an intelligent and ecologically oriented System of monitoring and control of the facility. This approach had been applied for automating control of ventilation on numberous facilites and has shown additional capabilities of CSNPEE system.

D.V.V. offers:

- consulting services for selection of technical solutions and the design of the systems of energy efficiency;

- designing and installing monitoring systems of electric energy consumption;

- proposing cost saving measured based on the analysis of recorded data;

- implementing agreed-upon cost savings measures through the monitoring and control system.

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