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- Power (transformer) substations
- Low-voltage distributions
- Power factor correction (Compensation of reactive energy)
- Power lines




- Power supply and regulation
- Control and monitoring



Industrial refrigeration provides cooling capacity required by production processes in food industy e.g. meat production and processing, milk and dairy products, soft and alcoholic beverages, oil etc. These systems are foundation of the production process, and extremely strict standards and specificities of the foodstuffs industry require complex refrigeration systems with state-of-the-art technical solutions, high levels of security, reliability and automatization controlwise.

Refrigeration systems consist of production, distribution and consumption of cooling medium, and is made of, for example, following segments:

- ammonia compressor facilities with screw and piston compressors, ammonia separators and vessels, evaporative condensers, ammonia/propylene glycol heat exchangers,

- "ice water" subsystems,

- ammonia, propylene glycol and ice water distribution subsytems,

- cooling and climate chambers, cooling towers, cooling tunnels, heat exchangers, etc.

D.V.V. offers:

- consulting services for the selection of technical solutions and the design of the system to be controlled,

- designing electric power supply and control of complete refrigeration systems,

- designing electric power supply and control segments for new systems or upon reconstructing and upgrading the existing ones,

- delivery of industrial refrigeration equipment in co-operation with world's leading manufacturers (screw/piston ammonia compressors, evaporative condensers, electromotor drives, measuring and regulation equipment, etc.)

- installation of ammonia compressor facilities, evaporative condensers, electric power supply and control relating to separators and ammonia vessels, heat exchangers, cooling chambers, tunnels, towers, water pumping station's electric equipment, water treatment subsystems, etc.

- control, measuring and monitoring for refrigeration systems,

- informatical incorporation of refrigeration systems into higher-level control/monitoring systems,

- maintenance and servicing of refrigeration systems.

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